Video Summary

Evolvable Electronics
Deep-learned skin electronics

Aims of Research

Main research concentrates on multidisciplinary research areas such as skin-like electronics, soft fabrication methods, and various nanomaterial synthesis. Ultimate goal is to combine with the machine intelligence; therefore achieving augmented electronics such as intelligent sensor, neuromorphic devices, and fabrication assisted by Reinforcement-learning .

Machine Intelligence

With the aid of networks such as time-series LSTM, signals from the various functional devices can be deciphered and the hidden patterns can be found. The technology provides an alternative approach into the field, and a turning point for applications in health-monitoring, motion tracking, and soft robotics.

Functional Devices

Functional devices which could measure various simulations such as  pressure, strain, electrocardiography signals (TBD). Devices are also flexible/stretchable, enabling as a wearable form.

Skin-like Devices

Developing highly stretchable and flexible electronics which suffers from the harsh environment. Researches may contain highly stretchable conductors, transparent electrodes, and multi functional sensors.

Laser-based Fabrication

Various micro patterns above flexible substrate can be obtained through rapid laser process without the need for high temperatures, vacuum environment, or any post-processing. Self-generated nano structures can be also  engineered through the laser-induced thermal gradient.