Video Summary

Evolvable Electronics
Deep-learned skin electronics

Aims of Research

Main research concentrates on multidisciplinary research areas such as skin-like electronics, machine-learning algorithms, fabrication methods for soft materials, and various nanomaterial synthesis. Ultimate goal is to seamlessly combine the developed hardware and intelligence, enabling augmented electronics such as intelligent sensor and neuromorphic devices .

Machine Intelligence

With the aid of Machine Intelligence, signals from the various functional devices can be deciphered and the hidden patterns can be found. The technology provides an alternative approach into the field, and a turning point for applications in health-monitoring, motion tracking, and soft robotics.

Human-Machine Interface

Human-Machine Interface allows for measurement of various stimulations such as  pressure, strain, and electrophysiological signals. Devices are fabricated in a flexible or a stretchable form, enhancing user compliance.

Skin-like Devices

Developing highly stretchable and flexible electronics which suffers from the harsh environment. Researches may contain highly stretchable conductors, transparent electrodes, and multi functional sensors.

Manufacturing method for skin-electronics

Various micro/nano patterns above flexible/stretchable substrate can be obtained through rapid laser process without the need for high temperature or vacuum environment. These electronic components include conductive electrodes, insulating materials, and transistors.