Recent Works

2022. Dec
My research of smart E-skin which can rapidly adapt to various hand-based tasks has been published on Nature Electronics!
A substrate-less nanomesh receptor with meta-learning for rapid hand task recognition, Nature Electronics (2023)
2021. June
I have been selected as a principal investigator of the 2021 NRF Post-Doctoral Fellowship program!
Project title:  Development of intelligent electronic skin: object-cognitive sensory system from human imitation
2021. June
Two review articles related in augmented skin sensors have been published this year.
Energy Harvesting Untethered Soft Electronic Devices , Advanced Healthcare Materials (2021)
Smart Stretchable Electronics for Advanced Human-Machine Interface , Advanced Intelligent Systems (2021)
2021. March
My article has been selected as one of the Top 50 Nature Communications physics articles published in 2020!